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Episode 64: Salesflare - Jeroen Corthout

July 08, 2021 John Bossong / Jeroen Corthout Season 2 Episode 64
The Sales Vitamin Podcast
Episode 64: Salesflare - Jeroen Corthout
Show Notes

CRM Guide for Small Businesses Selling B2B

Today's guest on The Sales Vitamin Podcast is Jeroen Corthout

Jeroen is co-founder and CEO of Salesflare, an intelligent CRM built for small businesses selling B2B, particularly popular with agencies and fast growing startup companies.

Jeroen started off in a marketing job at Baxter to get experience before starting his own company, but quickly felt that corporate life was not for him. It just wasn't exciting enough and he felt cornered in one small part of a big machine.

So,  more than a half a year in, while looking to start a digital agency for healthcare companies, he decided to join one and started running digital campaigns for the world's largest pharma companies as the company's youngest account manager.

However, he never gave up on the dream of starting his own company, started working part-time at his job, and tried a series of startup projects before he eventually started Salesflare.

Salesflare itself was founded when Jeroen and his co-founder Lieven wanted to manage the leads for their software company in an easier way. They didn't like to keep track of their leads manually and built Salesflare, which pulls customer data together automatically and then actively helps you follow up.

It's now the most popular CRM on Product Hunt and top rated on review platforms like G2 for its ease of use and automation features.

Here's what we discuss in this episode: 

  • Jeroen's background.
  • Why Salesflare for small businesses.
  • CRM Automation.
  • How Salesflare differentiates.
  • Ease of use and data entry.
  • Mitigating manual entry. 
  • Setting up the Salesflare system.
  • Keys to comparing CRM systems.
  • CRM efficiency.
  • Key sales skills.
  • One sales vitamin. 

Connect with Salesflare

Official Website
Salesflare LinkedIn
Jeroen LinkedIn

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