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ConnectandSell - Conversations on Demand

July 30, 2021 John Bossong / Chris Beall Season 2 Episode 67
The Sales Vitamin Podcast
ConnectandSell - Conversations on Demand
Show Notes

On this episode of The Sales Vitamin Podcast I'm talking with Chris Beall, the CEO of ConnectandSell

Based in Silicon Valley, ConnectandSell is the world's only technology that gets your sales team 10X more live conversations with qualified prospects every single day.   

ConnectAndSell enables you to have more conversations with your intended targets than serial dialing, either manual or technology-enabled. The average person can’t make more than 75-100 outbound dials a day to their intended targets.   ConnectAndSell can make that same number of dials in less than an hour.

ConnectandSell is the world’s only technology that lets a B2B sales professional effortlessly talk to as many targeted prospects in a day as they normally would in a month.

Here's what we discuss on this episode: 

  • The idea for ConnectandSale.
  • Conversations are the best sales vitamins.
  • Mitigating voicemail.
  • How to keep your sales team out of a slump.
  • Getting time back.
  • Less is more. 
  • Curiosity, value and patience.
  • The emotional journey.
  • One sales book you've got to read.
  • Introducing people to rejection.
  • One sales vitamin.

Connect with Chris
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