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Dr. Tom Tonkin - The Sales Conservatory

January 20, 2022 John Bossong / Tom Tonkin Season 2 Episode 76
The Sales Vitamin Podcast
Dr. Tom Tonkin - The Sales Conservatory
Show Notes

Dr. Tom Tonkin  - The Sales Conservatory 

On today's Sales Vitamin Podcast I'm speaking with Dr. Tom Tonkin.   Tom is an executive in Professional Services and the Software Sales area with over 25 years of business and technology experience.

He is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Sales Conservatory, an organization designed to enable self-motivated Executives, Middle-Managers, and Sales Leaders to self-actualize in their roles, improving their skills, KPI scores, and overall professional competencies so they may reach their true, full professional potential.

Tom spent a large portion of his career at Oracle Corporation. There, he was the Senior Director of the Sales Performance Group in Oracle’s Global Sales Academy, in addition to having served in various leadership roles in both Sales and Consulting, across midsize and enterprise customers, in North America and globally.

He is an award-winning researcher and author and holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA). 

Here's what we discuss on this episode: 

  • Tom's background
  • The current sales environment
  • The Sales Conservatory Design
  • Self Directed Learning
  • The sales professional vs sales rep
  • EQ and Sales
  • Top sales skills
  • Sales vs Sales Management
  • Future of the Sales Conservatory Group
  • One Sales Vitamin

Connect with Tom

Sales Conservatory Official Site
Personal LinkedIn

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