From Law School to Helping Private Practices, A Journey with Ali Oromchian
Helping Healthcare Scale
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Helping Healthcare Scale
From Law School to Helping Private Practices, A Journey with Ali Oromchian
Oct 09, 2023
Austin Hair - Real Estate Developer

Can you imagine the bold leap from law school to launching your own legal firm? Our guest for today, Ali Oromchian, the founding attorney of Dental and Medical Council and CEO of HR for Health, walked this exact path. Sharing his compelling journey, Ali eloquently unpacked how he evolved from a law student to a passionate advocate for young healthcare professionals. Join us as he guides us through the labyrinth of private practice, shedding light on the return on investment it offers, despite the looming cloud of student loans.

Ali and I went deep into the essence of teamwork in growing a private practice and bust the myth that success hangs entirely on one individual's shoulders. We explored the terrain of equity distribution and dove into the pros of maintaining individual companies for multiple practices. The conversation morphed into the challenges of practice expansion and navigating the expectations that come with such decisions. Ali shed light on the importance of comprehending what drives individuals and the potential pressure that comes with taking on new roles.

As the conversation advanced, we ventured into the realm of private equity in healthcare. We discussed the pivotal role of consistent growth, risk minimization, and value maximization. Ali’s insightful perspective on private equity in healthcare was encapsulated in the discussion of unwritten benchmarks for selling a business and ways to maximize value. So, tune in to this enriching exchange brimming with valuable advice and insights from Ali, aimed at empowering you in your professional journey, be it in the world of private practice or private equity in healthcare.

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