Believe Like A Boss

Alignment Checklist (Daily habits with big impact)

July 18, 2022 Nandi Season 3 Episode 11
Believe Like A Boss
Alignment Checklist (Daily habits with big impact)
Show Notes

Tune in as Life Coach Nandi Camille unpacks the alignment checklist. Her list of 6 pillars of habits that when done daily, have big impact. 

- Meditation / Quiet/ Gratitude Time: Time to get quiet and grateful

- Movement: Dance party, walk in nature, stretching. Moving your body to increase good feeling emotions. 

- Growth / Learning Time: Time spent in an area you are personally interested. Whether you are learning Spanish, reading about snakes or love the latest interior design podcast. Learning just for you - chosen by you. 

- Creative Time: Time spent in play, creativity, fun. For the sake of fun. (This pillar can easily be combined with another)

- Itchies & Scratchies: Taking care of 1-3 items on your to-do list. Even if 1 and 2 are writing down all of the things on your to do list and making a plan to do each task. 

- Vision: Time to reflect. What is all this work for? What is the big vision? The goal of all of this action? What is important to you in this season? 

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