Believe Like A Boss

Three Ways to Envision The Vision

August 15, 2022 Nandi Season 3 Episode 15
Believe Like A Boss
Three Ways to Envision The Vision
Show Notes

When was the last time you clarified your vision/ Your goals? The ideal lifestyle you aspire to have? Do you already have your ideal lifestyle? 

In this episode Life Coach Nandi Camille talk about why having a an aligned vision serves us, what can come up when truly unpacking your authentic vision and three ways to make "vision" a tangible tool. (Don't worry, only one is a vision board, and it's not quite what you think).

Envision the vision SHOW NOTES:
* script: Write out your vision as if its already done. Write your vision as if you are actively living this life and feel the feelings of actively being in your ideal reality.

* vision board: Whether on a literal board or via canva and placed as the background on your phone. A vision board is your visual inspiration and reminder of what you are actively calling in and creating.

* conversation: Talk about your dreams with your coach, therapist, sibling, loved one, partner or trusted coworker. Notice how it feels to speak your desires , dreams and goals out loud. Do you believe yourself? 

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