Believe Like A Boss

Belief In Yourself / Ignoring your life

September 26, 2022 Nandi Season 3 Episode 20
Believe Like A Boss
Belief In Yourself / Ignoring your life
Show Notes

In this episode I unpack a handful of mindfulness-based questions to help you better understand how much you believe in yourself, really. 

The evidence is in our action.

As much as we say we want to sign a client, meet the person, leave our job...does your action support it? When you say you want new friendships, are you seeking them out or Netflix and chilling at home alone, hoping someone will show up at your door? 

Tune in as I unpack how to check-in, step up and step into the aligned future you desire. 

Show notes:
How much do you believe in your big dreams? 

What are you beliefs about your big dreams? 

How much faith do you have in yourself and God/The Universe [ to accomplish your dreams}?

Evidence is in your action.

You actions come from your thoughts.

Your thoughts are your beliefs. 

Take action: Create beliefs (which simply means to think thoughts) that support your best self and where you are going. Not your mediocre self and where you have been.

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