Believe Like A Boss

How You Wake Up

October 03, 2022 Nandi Season 3 Episode 21
Believe Like A Boss
How You Wake Up
Show Notes

Ever notice how in journal prompts where you write as you future self, the day usually starts out something like "I wake up with joy". Or somehow you just know that you're waking up happy? 

What if it was possible to wake up exactly how you want, with joy, peace, excitement for the day...without having the desired result you want yet.

Yes. You too can wake up with peace while working that job you hate. It is possible.

Listen in as I unpack what might be getting in the way of you waking up the way you want to and provide steps to a more aligned morning. 

S C H E D U L E  A   F R E E   A   D I S C O V E R Y   C A L L

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