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Barbara's Podcast on Health and Nutrition

Barbara Karafokas

My name is Barbara Karafokas. I am a qualified Holistic Nutritionist and started this podcast about healthy weight loss, healthy eating and healthy living and all things worth sharing through my experience living on this planet ! It is especially for mummies inspiring, motivating and helping you move forward towards your health goals and getting you back to your healthy, happy and sexy place ! My Motto, fave and not fave words, talents, passions ... My favourite words: #Synergy #Smoothie #Naturelover #Coloursofnature #Animallover #theoutdoorsismygym #Triathlon#TheGreek/CypriotMediterraneanDiet #Green #Eco #Consciousliving #Livinglifeconsciously #AfricaWhat annoys me most: #swearing #vandalism #graffiti #animalcruelty #consumerism #foodwaste #littering ​My kitchen motto is "What can I add to make this more nutritious ?" ​Today I see myself as a Food Alchemist. My passion is combining foods, eating smarter, using the power of food synergy. Mixing and combining foods so that their health benefits are increased. Second in line come those adorable, monster green smoothies, then it's making dodgy teas (as my daughter calls them), concocting detox soups and making various tonics and tinctures with herbs. In addition to that I mix up my own electrolyte drinks and make my own sports "gels" using dates. They are a necessity when I am training for Triathlon competitions. Feel free to visit my website: Connect on LinkedIn:

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