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Gather with Aimee

Aimee P. Miller

You have a God given destiny on your life ! Have you ever felt like your not good enough, the world whispers that you're not enough ? That you are defeated. That you are disqualified because of your past. These lies are everywhere, everyday. You read about them, hear about them, and interact with them. But I am here to speak above that noise with the truth of how God sees you, and who he's created you to be, so you can make his name famous! I want to inspire you, to live with passion, purpose and empower you to create change in this world and live out your God given destiny! If you desire to bring hope, manifest change, and see yourself the way God sees you, this podcast is for you. Each week we will dive into Scripture together and get inspired with the passion and truth we need to step boldly into the destiny God has for us. I challenge you to step up and step out !

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