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My Favorite F Word - With guest Matt Beaudreau

July 23, 2020 Host: JM Ryerson Episode 4
Let's Go Win Podcast
My Favorite F Word - With guest Matt Beaudreau
Show Notes

Episode #4:  The world is evolving and Matt Beaudreau is at the forefront of change when it comes to education.  Matt is a Keynote speaker, podcast host and CEO of Acton Placer.  Listen in for an engaging, educational and inspiring message.

Matt Beaudreau is a Keynote Speaker for The Center of Generational Kinetics, Education Speaker & Consultant, and Personal Development Coach to people around the world.  His speaking clients range from Wells Fargo and Honeywell to Lockhead Martin and American Eagle.

Matt has a reputation as a provocative thought leader in educational and personal development practices.  He was a featured TEDx speaker and named corporate trainer of the year at Stanford University.

Matt has received standing ovations for his powerful and humorous delivery that combines relevant research and how-to with his unique experiences working with clients around the world.

Matt has spoken to over 250,000 people across North America.  His personal experiences employing multiple generations, serving as a school founder and administrator, and being a successful entrepreneur make him a powerful and action-driving speaker on solving a variety of challenges with employees and customers.

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