Let's Go Win Podcast

Positive Disruption! - With guest Dr. David Berg

April 15, 2021 Host: JM Ryerson Episode 70
Let's Go Win Podcast
Positive Disruption! - With guest Dr. David Berg
Show Notes

Episode #70:   How many of you love going to the doctor?  It's fun right?  You get to fill out a long form in the lobby, wait approximately an hour and then see the Dr. for 5 minutes, only to be told "we need to schedule a follow up appointment".  Dr. David Berg knew there was a better way so he created it for his family, then some friends and eventually launched an innovative company.  His system reduces your premium, provides better coverage and allows for proper information sharing so you save time and money.  We are all affected by rising premiums and the red tape that comes along with medical care.  Join us and be in the know of a progressive way to receive health care.  You will be glad you did!

Dr. Berg has served as Co-founder and President of Redirect Health following its inception in 2013. Since 2008 he's leveraged decades of healthcare leadership experience to make healthcare simple and affordable for businesses, individuals, and families throughout the country. In 2018, the Phoenix Business Journal honored him with the “Healthcare Heroes Innovator Award” for creating a transformative healthcare member experience. He holds degrees in Physics and Biology from the University of Toronto and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

His book, The Business Owner’s Guide to Ending the Fight with Healthcare is available!

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