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Happy Wealth! - With guest Jesse "Tee" Todisco

April 22, 2021 Host: JM Ryerson Episode 72
Let's Go Win Podcast
Happy Wealth! - With guest Jesse "Tee" Todisco
Show Notes

Episode #72:  Jesse "Tee" Todisco stopped by the show and brought serious knowledge and energy to share.  He is a wealth manager, author, speaker, biohacker and so much more.  We explore what it means to be a bio-hacker and how you can improve your daily life by moving your body, getting rest, proper nutrition and adding a supplement that every human needs.  Jesse believes in Sacred Plant Medicines and shares why they have been so instrumental in building his businesses, healing relationships and seeing the world through a more abundant lens.  There is something in this show for everyone and the perspective gained is truly inspiring.

Jesse is the founder of 46 & 2 Wealth Partners, a fee only registered investment advisory firm. His business ethos is rooted in showing others how to become free and create Happy Wealth.

Jesse also hosts The Jesse Tee Show. A mindset focused podcast that teaches anyone hunting greatness in business, health and wellness and in relationships, the secrets to success.

At an early age Jesse realized he had a knack for being an entrepreneur. He would buy, sell and trade comic books and sports cards. Growing up in Boston, during the harsh winter months, Jesse would shovel his neighbor’s sidewalks and driveways earning a few dollars and other times, a cup of hot chocolate.

In 2006, Jesse moved to Georgia and resumed his entrepreneurial path after leaving the military. He founded a series of successful companies that lead him to Charlotte, NC. After building an organization, Jesse experienced the loss of his daughter, Alana. He decided to move back to the Atlanta area to be closer to friends and family and continue the dream of starting a family.

Jesse is the proud parent of two sons, is a passionate human optimization nerd, enjoys getting into nature and is a psychonaut.

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