Let's Go Win Podcast

A Choice Point! - With guest Dr. Fleet Maull

April 29, 2021 Host: JM Ryerson Episode 74
Let's Go Win Podcast
A Choice Point! - With guest Dr. Fleet Maull
Show Notes

Episode #74: Imagine being sent away to prison for 14 years.  You are away from your family, the outside world, and everything you love.  Would you become a better or more cynical person?  The vast majority of people that have been sent away choose the more negative path but not Dr. Fleet Maull.  He chose to spend that time reflecting, meditating, and developing self resilience.  Sure he could have been a victim but he chose to take responsibility for his actions and not let those actions define him negatively.  Dr. Maull chose to better his life and so many others since.  This story is intriguing, remarkable, and entertaining all at the same time.  Join us and increase your resilience and knowledge with Dr. Maull leading the way!

Fleet Maull, PhD is an author and renowned growth mindset & meditation teacher who delivers his training programs and seminars around the world both in-person and online through Heart Mind Institute. He’s an executive coach, inspirational speaker, and social entrepreneur who works at the intersection of personal and social transformation. 

Fleet founded the Prison Mindfulness Institute and National Prison Hospice Association, catalyzing two national movements, while serving a 14-year mandatory-minimum federal drug sentence, 1985 to 1999.  Dr. Maull developed the Radical Responsibility empowerment model that embraces 100 percent ownership for each and every circumstance we face, free of blaming oneself or others. 

Fleet is a Roshi (Zen master) in the international Zen Peacemaker Order and Acharya (senior Dharma teacher) in the global Shambhala meditation community.  He is the author of Radical Responsibility: How to Move Beyond Blame, Fearlessly Live our Higher Purpose and Become an Unstoppable Force for Good in the World.

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