Let's Go Win Podcast

Do It Scared! - With guest Berta Medina

May 13, 2021 Host: JM Ryerson Episode 78
Let's Go Win Podcast
Do It Scared! - With guest Berta Medina
Show Notes

Episode #78:    How freeing it must be to wake up every single morning and know that you are going to have the best day ever!  Berta Medina makes that choice every day and is influencing others to do the same.  She breaks down expectations and traditions that are not serving her.  Not in a disrespectful way but rather to ensure those traditions don't keep her from achieving her dreams.  Berta has a recipe for success that anyone of us can implement if we have the courage to try.  Join us on this energetic, entertaining, and enlightening conversation.  Want to go get your dream?  Come be inspired to do so!

Berta Medina is an eternal optimist who believes in the power of generosity and is passionate about sharing her message that dreamers truly succeed! After years of building, operating and growing her own successful business, she’s taken her experience and love for philanthropy to travel to Africa on a harrowing climb to Mt. Kilimanjaro’s peak as part of a mission trip to change the world for Maasai children Since she reached the peak at 19,341 feet, she has re-envisioned the importance of goals and the power of generosity.

Now Berta helps businesses and individuals connect genuinely, give generously, and reach a level of success and fulfillment. Berta is a Keynote Speaker, Professional Certified Coach, Author, and host of The Dreamers Succeed Podcast.

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