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Be a Lion Not a Sheep! - With guest Ron Worley II

May 27, 2021 Host: JM Ryerson Episode 82
Let's Go Win Podcast
Be a Lion Not a Sheep! - With guest Ron Worley II
Show Notes

Episode #82:   What does the acronym LLYD stand for?  In Ron Worley's world that means Live Like It's Your Last Day.  He has embraced this mentality after nearly dying of heart failure and being told that he has only 5 years to live.  Ron has continued to grow his businesses, raise a beautiful family, and greatly improve his health to the point of having a healthy heart for a man his age.  How did he do it?  By embracing values at home, with friends and at work.  Ron doesn't just say that he has values, he lives by them every single day.  His story is engaging, insightful, and vulnerable to the core.  Join us and hear the story of "Ditches to Riches"!

Ron L. Worley II is an impactful business leader, strategic thinker, self-made millionaire, professional speaker, successful multipreneuer, and avid life-liver who follows his own code. His ability to lead, inspire, and guide systems of wealth and wellness are clear, and he wants to provide you with the tools to make your life better and more productive. He launched his career as a licensed bail agent 25 years ago and went on to open 11 other businesses, created four successful retail locations, and founded the Worley Way, a definition of bravery, trust, family, and freedom. Ron has ridden on the edge and lost everything along the way. From addiction and homelessness, to arrests and heart failure, he has asked all the wrong questions to find the right answers. Ron is real and talks about real issues in his true story of overcoming multiple hardships, encouraging you to live with grace while letting go of misconceptions in wealth and wellness.

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