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What Makes Your Brain Tick?! - With guest Felix Cao

July 29, 2021 Host: JM Ryerson Episode 100
Let's Go Win Podcast
What Makes Your Brain Tick?! - With guest Felix Cao
Show Notes

Episode #100:  One of the fastest growing fields in the world is neuroscience, and as humans we know relatively little about the brain.  Being that there are approximately 86 billion neurons in our brain, woven together by an estimated 100 million synapses, how could we?  Felix Cao is one of those experts that has a vast amount of knowledge of the brain and how it affects our buying decisions.  His expertise is in the field of neuromarketing and how we make decisions as consumers.  This interview is fascinating as he takes us through how we make 95% of our choices and why "trusting your gut" has a lot to do with your brain.  You will learn a lot in this podcast and why you do what you do.  Check it out!

Felix has accrued over 15 years of business experience, in which nearly a decade of those years were dedicated to the tech & mobile space.

He has been featured in major media outlets, such as the HuffPost, Adweek, and AppAdvice, and has also appeared on a major Canadian morning radio show, to talk about neuromarketing and the 2019 Canadian election.

You can find him on numerous top podcasts where he shares neuromarketing insights on how businesses can grow and thrive in 2020.

Today, at his neuromarketing company called Happy Buying Brain, he is combining his 15 years of business experience with his educational background in biological science and psychology, to help businesses truly understand what makes their customers’ brains tick when it comes to better achieving customer brand loyalty over their competitors, through the power of implementing neuromarketing into their own marketing campaigns.

Contact Felix:
Website: https://www.happybuyingbrain.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/felixcao-happybuyingbrain