Let's Go Win Podcast

Stick With the Facts! - With guest Hernani Alves

August 26, 2021 Host: JM Ryerson
Let's Go Win Podcast
Stick With the Facts! - With guest Hernani Alves
Show Notes

Episode #108:  The idea of having difficult conversations can seem so daunting, but what if "tough love" is really the best way to help someone.  Hernani Alves shares how two distinct conversations that were not necessarily pleasant, shaped his personal and professional development.  He has continued to employ this strategy and helps so many others achieve their dreams through Balanced Accountability.  Hernani shared so many nuggets that my pen literally ran out of ink midway through the episode.  Join us and hear what a Seagull Manager is and how to avoid Energy Vampires at work.  Check it out!

Hernani Alves makes the most complex skill in business, awesomely simple.

Hernani started as a part-time employee and eventually grew to become the President for a $3 Billion publicly traded Company that was regularly voted as Best Workplace. Today, he's an author and an international speaker that helps leaders build world-class teams focused on getting results.

Hernani has been featured in: Stanford University, University of California, Oklahoma State University, iHeart Radio, HR.com, Extreme Leadership, and more.

In his book, Balanced Accountability: Three Leadership Secrets to Win Hearts and Maximize Performance, Hernani delivers clarity on the case for accountability and the steps organizations, and individuals need to take to unleash their potential. He reveals the frame work needed to improve accountability in the workplace to win hearts and maximize performance.

Contact Hernani:
Website: https://hernanialves.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hernani-alves/