Let's Go Win Podcast

Giving as I Go - With guest David Garibaldi

September 16, 2021 Host: JM Ryerson Episode 114
Let's Go Win Podcast
Giving as I Go - With guest David Garibaldi
Show Notes

Episode #114:  Our guest today is truly unique, gifted, and brings so much value to the world!  David Garibaldi is an artist and performer that transforms an idea or image and creates something so awe inspiring that it's challenging to put it into words.  He is also a man of great depth and knowledge.  In this interview you will hear about "turning passion into profit", the importance of self-inflicted growth, and why giving back to the world is part of his DNA.  David is a rabid philanthropist and has given millions of dollars to various causes throughout the world.  Join us and be inspired by his desire to make the world a better place!

David Garibaldi is a world-renowned performance painter who provides his audiences  with a magical experience combining paint, sound, and entertainment that collide for an entertaining show that has brought people around the world to their feet.

His specialty is his "Rhythm and Hue" stage act in which he rapidly creates paintings of notable rock musicians. Garibaldi transforms an empty canvas into a work of art through his skill, experience, inspiration and senses.

Contact David:
Website: garibaldiarts.com
YouTube: youtube.com/user/garibaldiarts
Instagram: instagram.com/garibaldiarts
Facebook: facebook.com/garibaldiarts
Twitter: twitter.com/garibaldiarts