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Selling is a Kick! - With guest Louis Lacarbonara

October 14, 2021 Host: JM Ryerson Episode 122
Let's Go Win Podcast
Selling is a Kick! - With guest Louis Lacarbonara
Show Notes

Episode #122:  It's a brave, new world where markets exist that I certainly was unaware of.  Louis Lacarbonara started his business of buying, selling, and trading shoes back in college.  He has continued to expand that operation to two physical locations and future growth is inevitable.  This interview was fascinating in how basic business principles still apply, but with the added benefits of social media and online presence you can vastly expand your market.  Louis is an entrepreneur through and through and seamlessly explains how a "lazy owner" can benefit utilizing his companies and skill sets.  Tune in to learn and laugh!

Owner of Direct Kicks & Poke Steals. Direct Kicks is a premier sneaker boutique in Mamaroneck NY & another location coming to The Westchester Mall in White Plains. Direct Kicks specializes in the buying, selling, and trading of Air Jordans, Yeezys, and other specialty footwear. Poke Steals is an online membership program that makes it easier for the average Pokemon enthusiast to purchase Pokemon product. With hundreds of members and only starting in February, Poke Steals has quickly grown to be the premier place to purchase Pokemon.

Contact Louis:

Website: DirectKicks.com
Instagram: instagram.com/directkicks
Website: PokeSteals.com
Instagram: instagram.com/thepokesteals
Personal Instagram: instagram.com/dklouu