The Simple Truth 2-Minute Bible Study
What Does Philippians 1:30 Mean?
The Simple Truth 2-Minute Bible Study
What Does Philippians 1:30 Mean?
Oct 14, 2020
Julie Carruth


Philippians 1:30, NLT: We are in this struggle together. You have seen my struggle in the past, and you know that I am still in the midst of it."

Paul was no stranger to suffering and persecution. He had been in and out of prison many times, but despite all of it, God was still able to use him mightily to advance the gospel message to the Gentiles.

In today's message, Paul encourages the believers in Philippi as they, too, are also facing suffering and persecution.

Listen to today's 2-minute message to see how Paul uses a great visual image to explain the word "struggle."


n Philippians chapter one, Paul sends a letter to the church in Philippi thanking them for their support of his ministry. Even when others had abandoned Paul, the believers in Philippi continued to financially support him. 

Paul has been encouraging the believers in Philippi that God has used his suffering to continue spreading the good news of the gospel. However, Paul deals with two conflicting desires. He wants to die and be with Christ, but he knows that God's not done with him yet. He knows that the Philippians still need him. 


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