Trevor Steel of The Escape Club

September 16, 2020 Trevor Steele of The Escape Club Season 1 Episode 14
Trevor Steel of The Escape Club
Show Notes

Trevor Steel is a songwriter, guitarist and lead singer of The Escape Club -- best known for their 1988 No. 1 US hit "Wild, Wild West" and for their top-ten 1991 hit ballad "I'll be There."

In this episode of RPM45, Trevor tell us about...

  • The musical hero that motivated him to enter the music business.
  • How an EMI records exec said "we don't hear a hit" on the Wild Wild West album.
  • The group's mind-blowing experience as they became "overnight pop stars" in The U.S., even as "Wild, Wild West" failed to become a hit in their native UK.
  • The inspiration behind "I'll Be There."
  • How they never received much of the money generated by their record sales and how that led them to disband the group in the early '90s.
  • How he became a successful record producer and exec.
  • How the group reunited, and what they're up now.