Garbage Pail Skids

GPS #7 - We're Coming Over!!

November 22, 2021 Kevin-Shane-Tim Season 1 Episode 7
Garbage Pail Skids
GPS #7 - We're Coming Over!!
Show Notes

On this episode of the Garbage Pail Skids; Kevin faces an intervention for his extra curricular activities after he a misses a podcast recording day, claiming to have mixed up the weeks and the day itself. He tells the story of his recent wrestling match with a pit bull that ended with the loss of a tooth. The Skids discuss the upcoming Rittenhouse verdict, and the insane Mercedes future car that can crabwalk!!
We discuss the strange phenomenon of DMT and the similar experiences people seem to have when they do it.
Then, the Skids get into one of the most important conversations they have ever had..... Have you ever crapped yourself as an adult? All this and more on the newest episode of GPS!!

Title: Garage - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena (No Copyright Music)
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Genre Music: Rock - Country

VIDEO BY - SUPERCAR BLONDIE on Youtube. Link to her Channel below. One of the best channels out there for super cars you never thought possible! Check her out

Futuristic Mercedes Drives Sideways | AVTR

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