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S01 Episode 2: The Hall Family Album

August 31, 2020 Kaitlin Ormerod Hutson, Johnny Kavanagh Season 1 Episode 2
Thinkery & Verse present
S01 Episode 2: The Hall Family Album
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Episode 2 explores the dynamics of the Hall family: Edward, the adulterous priest found murdered outside of town; Frances, the somewhat older wife of Edward--and a wealthy, heiress who played a pivotal role in New Brunswick society prior to her arrest; and Willie Stevens, Frances' odd brother who lived with his sister and brother-in-law and was kept on an allowance. They all lived at 23 Nichols, a stately house now belonging to Rutgers University, just up the hill from the church at the center of Edward's extra-marital affair.

Hosted by Kaitlin Ormerod Hutson and Johnny Kavanagh.  
Special guests: Ania Upstill, Frank Dolce, Sean Ullmer.
Chorus of voices: Ensemble of "Thou Shalt Not".
Copywriter Kaitlin Ormerod Hutson.
Copy editor Karen Alvarado.
Sound design and editing from Erin Bogert and Sean Ullmer. 
Episode directed by Karen Alvarado.
Produced by Karen Alvarado and Thinkery & Verse.

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Willie Stevens
Group discussion featuring ensemble members who portrayed the Hall family