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Strengths-Based Coaching with Magdalena Simonis

March 07, 2021 Sam Zawadi, Magdalena Simonis Season 3 Episode 4
The Unofficial Agile Podcast
Strengths-Based Coaching with Magdalena Simonis
Show Notes

Happy International Women's Day - 2021!

We celebrate this this day with Magdalena Simonis, who is a prominent GP with many years of clinical  experience,  who sees a place for strengths-based coaching in complex organisations.

Magdalena is a  government health advisor, primary care researcher with the University of Melbourne and a leading women’s health expert and advocate.  Magdalena holds positions on several not-for-profit organisations bridging gaps across the health sector, whilst informing their health initiatives. 

She is President and National Coordinator of the Australian Federation of Medical Women, Medical Women’s international Association (MWIA) Scientific and Research Subcommittee co-Chair and chair of the MWIA Mentoring and Leadership group and is on the Expert Committee of Quality Care for the RACGP.   

Magdalena’s interests are in community health, chronic disease prevention and the development of sustainable, equitable healthcare services.

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