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Clowns React - Duck Soup

October 26, 2020 Cheeky Productions Episode 21
The Cheeky Podcast
Clowns React - Duck Soup
Show Notes

Duck Soup is THE MOST popular movie created by The Marx Brothers. Spies, slapstick and political bureaucracy, this movie has it all. Join Tom and Ian as they delve into the physical and verbal comedy of this movie.


0.00 Introduction
1.32 Beginning Of Movie
3.38 The Leader of Freedonia
6.17 The Motorcycle Gag
8.56 The Mirror Scene
11.20 The Peanut Scene
13.16 Toms Favourite Joke
13.55 Strange Moments
19.11 The Fourth Brother
23.20 The Phone Line Gag
26.40 The War Scene
30.31 The Sliding Socks Gag
31.32 Outro
32.28 Joke Of The Day


The Duck Soup Movie
Not "Quatro", Quartet
Duck Soup Idiom
The General - Buster Keaton
Clowns React - The General
Highlighted Histories - Charlie Chaplin
Cheeky Interview - Simon Wright
Steven Wright

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