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Shona Conacher - Cheeky Interview!

November 02, 2020 Shona Conarcher Episode 22
The Cheeky Podcast
Shona Conacher - Cheeky Interview!
Show Notes

Shona is a Circus Artist, Street Performer, Fringe Show Creator and stars in the hit children's show 'Don't Mess with the Dummies'. In this episode, Tom and Ian ask about Shonas' background, creative work, life as as street performer and much more!

0.22m  Introductions:   
1.46m Tell us about yourself! 
6.53m When did you first hear about the Dummies?
9.59m When did you know you wanted to do Funny things?: 
12.03m Do you have a creative process?
16.28m All about 'Big Glittery Shit Show'
27.23m Getting into and being a Street Performer
31.00m Biggest takeaways from Street Shows
38.55m Favorite and Least Favorite Performance Moments
45.09m Inspirations
52.15m Plans for the Future?
57.33m What is a Clown ?
1.04.19m joke of the Day + Outro


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