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Grocks Performance - Clowns React

November 09, 2020 Episode 23
The Cheeky Podcast
Grocks Performance - Clowns React
Show Notes

The King Of Clowns only recorded performance is reviewed by Ian and Tom, two clown graduates. Grock, the King Of Clowns is a clown who primarily performed in Music Halls, who could speak 6 languages, and who could play 26 different instruments.

His success truly led from his performances though, and he was said to be the most famous and rich performer in the world at one point.


0.00 Intro
1.19 Opening Scene
4.55 Grocks Types Of Humour
7.30 Changing Outfit Gag
10.39 Thom Monckton's Inspiration?
11.47 5 O'Clocksies
13.51 Use Of Set
15.12 Laughing At His Own Jokes
16.50 Grock And His Partners Relationship
17.56 Brief Talent Tangent
20.32 Grock And His Partners Relationship Pt. 2
26.35 Violin Schtick
30.12 Juxtaposition
32.23 Changing Stance Gag
33.16 Jump To Backrest
35.39 Strange Filming
37.41 Outro
38.34 Joke Of The Day


Grock The Clown - Stage Performance ("Bühnen-Sketch", 1931)
Bühnen-sketch translation
Opening Sequence
Folding Arm Gag
Thom Monckton
Piano Bells
Piano Not Letting Him Play
Playing The Same Violin
Walking In And Out
Violin Schtick
Copying Accordion
Changing Stance Gag
Famous Trick
Joke Of The Day

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