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White Face Clown - The Clown Types Series

December 14, 2020 Episode 28
The Cheeky Podcast
White Face Clown - The Clown Types Series
Show Notes

You asked for it folks! Finally, The Cheeky Podcast begin a series into the different types of clowns.  In this first episode, Tom and Ian talk about the White Face Clown (now to be known as '...The Classic European...'')  and dive into its characteristics and origins.

This series  hopes to bring some order to the chaos of conflicting google search results and commonly held beliefs. 

Classic European White Face:


0.00 Start
0.22m Welcome
3.42m Introduction to the 'Classic European'  White Face Clown / Characteristics / The Man Credited for its Creation 
7.34m The origins of 'Classic European' white face 
11.53m A little about the Creation of Mime! 
12.33m Francesco Caroli
13.35m Performance Status of C.E.W.F.
14.54m General Discussion - How do we now label the White Face ?! 
16.14m The use of the term 'Sad Clown' for 'Classic European' ??
18.11m The term "White Face' as an Umbrellas label  
19.37m Labeling Clown types from their Appearance or Performance Style ? 
20.27m Outro
21.20 Joke of the Day + Blooper

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