The Cheeky Podcast

Ludwig Schukin - Interview

March 22, 2021 Episode 37
The Cheeky Podcast
Ludwig Schukin - Interview
Show Notes

Ludwig Schukin! The oft mentioned teacher of Ian and Tom has come down from the heavens to discuss clown, and his journey into it.

Ludwig is an incredible clown and performer, who performed all over the world, in front of amazing crowds, with amazing people before coming to NICA to teach the next generation of clowns, cyr wheelists, slapstick acrobats, strap artists and more.

0.00 Intro
1.03 How Did You Become A Clown?
22.54 Did You Perform At The Circus When You Were Young?
31.54 What Made Your Dad So Famous?
38.32 What Is Your Favourite Show You Performed?
47.03 What Is A Clown?
48.13 Is Audience Connection New?
55.32 How Did You Find Out About NICA?
57.24 Joke Of The Day
58.17 Outro