The Cheeky Podcast

The Caveman - Clowns Create

June 05, 2021 Cheeky Productions
The Cheeky Podcast
The Caveman - Clowns Create
Show Notes

Dive into a mismatched narrative of a caveman who struggles to light a fire... 

Clowns Create is a new  series where Tom and Ian exercise their funny brains and imagine a Clown Act from scratch using nothing but quick wit and accumulated knowledge from the Cheeky Podcast series. 

These episodes are aimed to inspire and entertain listeners for their own creative projects, while we come up with both terrible and hilarious ideas. 

0.19m Intro 
1.28m The Action Triangle
2.41m Things we try to Include 
3.35m The Brainstorming Begins 
9.04m Discovering Motivations and Problems to solve 
22.48.m Outro
24.00m Joke of the Day