The Village Church

The Gospel: Identity

July 12, 2021 Susan Cepin and Eric Cepin Season 3
The Village Church
The Gospel: Identity
Show Notes

Understanding the Gospel 

The Gospel of Jesus is rich and complex, yet simple. It has multiple aspects. At The Village, we think of the Gospel in a way that strives to honor its broader message, while acknowledging its simplicity and transforming power for our daily lives.

Therefore, we focus on three aspects or parts of the Gospel: Story, Identity, Kingdom.


Focuses on Jesus’ story, His life, death, resurrection, ascension, and return. You should strive toward a point when you are able to open your Bible to specific passages and from them understand and explain Jesus’ story. You should strive also to explain how His story intersects with yours and its basic implications: forgiveness of sin, day-to-day practical living, and hope of eternal life.


Focuses on God’s identity as a ‘triune’ God and also the new position and standing He offers us once we believe in Jesus and embrace His story. You should strive to understand the scope of this identity, rest in and relish it, and explain it to others.

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