Everybody Pulls The Tarp

Scott Hatteberg: Play Ball!

March 31, 2021 Andrew Moses / Scott Hatteberg
Everybody Pulls The Tarp
Scott Hatteberg: Play Ball!
Show Notes

In celebration of MLB Opening Day, Andrew talks with Scott Hattebergthe former MLB player who's career pivot from catcher to first baseman with the Oakland Athletics resurrected his career and became the subject of the acclaimed book and movie, Moneyball. Scott's story is one of overcoming doubt, adapting to change, and tireless work ethic & preparation. This conversation gives us lessons we can all apply to our own lives. 

A few show highlights:
1:49 - First round pick and transition to minor leagues 
6:22 - Navigating doubt and failure
10:54 - Analytics & Moneyball
13:21 - Transition from Catcher to First Baseman 
16:55 - Maintaining momentum
18:59 - Team culture
21:32 - Current role with A's organization offers fresh perspective
23:26 - Balancing data & human side of the game

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