Everybody Pulls The Tarp

Heather O'Reilly: Hometown Hero

April 21, 2021 Andrew Moses / Heather O'Reilly
Everybody Pulls The Tarp
Heather O'Reilly: Hometown Hero
Show Notes

Andrew sits down with 3x Olympic Gold Medalist & World Cup Champion Heather O'Reilly. Back in 2002, Andrew was in high school science class when Heather told him she'd been called up to the US Women's National Team to fill in for an injured Mia Hamm. 
Now 19 years later Andrew sits down with his former science lab partner and soccer legend to reminisce about her storied career and uncover the secrets to her success on and off the field. 
A few show highlights:
4:36 - Heather and Andrew reminisce about her UWSNT debut
8:11 - Mindset to "prove people right" instead of "prove people wrong"
10:04 - Managing pressure
13:02 - Maintaining a support system
15:11 - Purity and passion in women's soccer
18:15 - Competitive standard set by Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly, Michelle Akers, and others
20:51 - University of North Carolina and Anson Dorrance
24:38 - Overcoming a major leg injury
28:13 - Evolving your role
29:47 - Mentoring Alex Morgan
30:11 - Teamwork and importance of everyone contributing
31:33 - Great team environments
32:48 - Consistency and starting 70 games in a row
35:22 - Heather reflects on her retirement and legacy

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