Everybody Pulls The Tarp

Tajh Boyd: Nobody Cleans Up After Clemson

June 23, 2021 Andrew Moses / Tajh Boyd
Everybody Pulls The Tarp
Tajh Boyd: Nobody Cleans Up After Clemson
Show Notes

When Tajh Boyd was the star quarterback at Clemson University he started a new tradition—cleaning movie theaters. Each week following the team's movie night, Tajh led the team in cleaning the entire theater rather than leaving a mess for the theater staff. Tajh saw it as a way to lead by example and build a winning culture around a simple philosophy—how you do one thing is how you do everything. In this conversation, Andrew talks with Tajh about leadership, how to create a winning culture, and uncovers lessons we can all apply to achieve big results by doing the little things the right way.

A few show highlights:
1:14 - Leading by example, movie theater cleaning tradition
4:01 - Leaders are always leading
7:01 - Choice to go to Clemson, Dabo Swinney, and creating a winning culture
10:52 - Importance of hearing the truth
16:30 - Committing to something
21:01 - Sustaining success over a long period of time
22:01 - "The people I respected most are the walk-ons"
22:48 - What motivates people to work hard
29:09 - Power of being vulnerable as a leader
31:30 - Communication, learning the New York Jets playbook
34:41 - Succeeding by doing the little things right

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