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Episode 2 : Understanding Your Value in Travel Loyalty
August 28, 2017 Michael Mason Trager
Welcome back to ZorkCast, the podcast that is all about helping you travel smarter, gamble smarter, and maximize your adventures. On today’s episode we are diving into the topic of travel loyalty, and what it really means to understand your value in it. Whether that’s from casinos, to hotels, or even airlines, anyone with any status level should think that they are the most important customer and from a marketing perspective, it makes quite a bit of sense. However, it’s impossible for everybody to be a VIP and if everybody really is a VIP, then does that mean nobody really is a VIP? So listen is as we discuss understanding loyalty programs, when they may be more valuable, and how you can get the most out of the perks that are offered. Key Points From This Episode: • Why some level of loyalty status is great to have. • Determining the value of a loyalty program. • The different between definitive, variable, and discretionary perks. • Understanding the benefit of status match programs. • Learning to get the most value out of your loyalty programs. Tweetables: “Some level of status, especially depending on your travel patterns, is great to have.” — @travelzork [0:03:25.1] “Having perks that you’re not using, or status that you’re not using, doesn’t really provide you with much value.” — @travelzork [0:03:56.1] “The most important thing is to keep your expectations in line with, how valuable some of these perks are.” — @travelzork [0:08:232.1] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: TravelZork — https://travelzork.com/ ZorkCast on Facebook — facebook.com/travelzork ZorkCast on Twitter — https://twitter.com/TravelZork ZorkCast on Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/travelzork/ © 2017 ZorkCast
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