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Episode 4 : Why I Love Borgata Casino Atlantic City
August 30, 2017 Michael Mason Trager
Welcome back to ZorkCast. Today on the show we are going to have a fun talk, or at least what I consider to be a really fun talk, and that is talking about one of my favorite casino properties in the world. Now we can pause for a moment and think about which property that is, but just know it is definitely not in Las Vegas. The property that I am going to talk a little bit about today is Borgata, Atlantic City. It is really a spectacular casino property. So why is Borgata special? Well, Borgata is relatively new as far as Atlantic City casinos are concerned and it was probably the first casino in Atlantic City that was built from the ground up as more of a luxury casino resort. That makes it a lot different than most of the casinos in the Atlantic City area. Stay tuned in for this episode as we go over some of the best features of the hotel and what the absolute mustdo’s are when you are there for a visit. Key Points From This Episode: • What gives Borgata, Atlantic City such a great “vibe”. • The type of gambling that Borgata is best suited for: table games or machines? • Why Borgata is a great casino for jet lagged travelers. • The benefits of Borgata’s VIP Amphora Lounge. • One of the best features of the Borgata smoking rooms. • Details about the hotel amenities, including spas and dining. Tweetables: “One of the things that I love about Borgata, it’s really spectacular, is that it has great vibe.” — @travelzork [0:02:03.1] “There’s nothing better than being able to have cigar and a cocktail and take a nice bubble bath.” — @travelzork [0:07:05.1] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: TravelZork — https://travelzork.com/ ZorkCast on Facebook — facebook.com/travelzork ZorkCast on Twitter — https://twitter.com/TravelZork ZorkCast on Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/travelzork/ Borgata Atlantic City — https://www.theborgata.com/ Borgata Water Club — https://www.theborgata.com/hotel/the-water-club
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