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Episode 5 : Creating Your Travel Experiences
August 31, 2017 Michael Mason Trager
Today on the show I was thinking a little bit about how people have to create their own travel experiences. Part of this thought was inspired Tim of Points to be Made, which is a great European blog that talks a lot about maximizing loyalty programs. In a recent interview for Million Mile Secrets, Tim had some interesting parting words that sort of made me think about a few things. The first was not to be wowed by the image many travel bloggers portray about airline miles and luxury travel. The second point was not to be misled by how people are collecting their points. There is often a debate in this area, especially when people are traveling and collecting miles on someone else’s dime. Tune in as we discuss more about why it is important not to believe all the hype about airline miles, how to properly plan your mile usage, and why you should always try to create travel experiences that are most important to you. Key Points From This Episode: • Why you should not get caught up in the “hype” of airline miles. • Understanding the concept of traveling on “OPM”; other people’s money. • Looking at your miles and points as a tool that allows you to travel. • Learning to intentionally plan for opportunities to use your travel miles. • The importance of creating travel experiences that are important to you. Tweetables: “Don’t believe all the hype about airline miles and luxury and the luxury some travel bloggers portray.” — @PTBMade [0:01:20.1] “You should really look at your miles and your points, just look at them as another tool; a tool that will allow you to travel.” — @travelzork [0:02:50.1] “It’s great to fly business and first class but there’s a whole world to explore outside the airport and the aircraft.”— @PTBMade [0:03:43.1] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: TravelZork — https://travelzork.com/ ZorkCast on Facebook — facebook.com/travelzork ZorkCast on Twitter — https://twitter.com/TravelZork ZorkCast on Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/travelzork/ Points to be Made, European-based Travel Blog — http://pointstobemade.boardingarea.com/ Million Mile Secrets interview with Tim - https://millionmilesecrets.com/2017/08/18/points-to-be-made/
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