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Episode 6 : Travel NOT Hacking and Loyalty Sweet Spots - Part l
September 01, 2017 Michael Mason Trager
Welcome back to ZorkCast, the podcast that is all about helping you travel smarter, gamble smarter, and maximize your adventures. Today’s episode is divided into two parts because I just got so caught up reminiscing about all my travel experiences that I went off on a tangent. However, this is part one and we are in the beautiful Athens, Greece. This show is being broadcasted from out on the terrace and I’m sharing with you on how TWA led me to stories about my ultimate travel hack. I'm calling it my TWA travel NOT hacking, TWA optimization story. Keep listening to find out more and make sure you come back tomorrow for Part ll. Key Points From This Episode: • Recalling some of my best travel memories with TWA (Trans World Airlines) • My dislike for the words “travel hacking” • Why we call it fare deals and not mistake fares. • Ticketing issues with fare deals. • Competition amongst low-cost and ultra low-cost air travel carriers. • Saving by traveling with minimal baggage. • Finding those sweet spots and using them to benefit yourself. Tweetables: “It’s probably best to refer to everything as a fare deal.” — @travelzork [0:04:24.0] “If you’re willing to fly economy class with minimal bags it’s a great time to be traveling.” — @travelzork [0:05:33.0] “The concept that I want to leave you with is that there will always be sweet spots.” — @travelzork [0:06:27.0] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Airline “Mistake fares?” | How do I find them? — https://travelzork.com/airline-mistake-fares-how-to-find/ Norwegian to London | 99 Bucks, a Backpack, and a Dreamliner — https://travelzork.com/norwegian-london-99-bucks-backpack-dreamliner/ TravelZork — https://travelzork.com/ ZorkCast on Facebook — facebook.com/travelzork ZorkCast on Twitter — https://twitter.com/TravelZork ZorkCast on Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/travelzork/ Trans World Airlines — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans_World_Airlines WOW Airline — https://wowair.com/ Norwegian Airlines — https://www.norwegian.com/us/
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