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Episode 8 : Travel NOT Hacking and Loyalty Sweet Spots - My TWA Story - Part III
September 03, 2017 Michael Mason Trager
Today on the podcast we are continuing with part III of the conversation about loyalty sweet spots today with my TWA story. TWA was a major international carrier for a long time until they eventually went into bankruptcy. As a teenager, I became very interested in the TWA frequent flyer program, especially their promotion called Triple Miles. This promotion allowed you to be rewarded triple the mileage points, with an automatic guarantee of a minimum of 4,500 miles for a round trip. Listen in as we discuss more about discovering the sweet spots of a loyalty program, how the travel rewards landscape has changed over the years, and how to get value from these sweet spots despite the additional hard work required. This and much more all on today’s episode. Take a listen!

Key Points From This Episode:

• The sweet spot within the TWA Triple Miles program.

• Going the extra mile to get more rewards; finding that sweet spot.

• Using the loyalty program to get a Royal Ambassador, first class ticket.

• How the world of flying has changed since 1986.

• Why it is a lot harder to redeem miles today, in 2017.

• When is it not worth it to use your travel miles to book a trip?

• Having valuable travel experiences by putting in the extra hard work.


“I hate being negative, but I also like to be a realist when I speak to people about miles and points.” — @travelzork [0:07:13.1]

“There really is no magic bullet other than paying a lot of attention to the programs and award availability and planning accordingly.” — @travelzork [0:07:32.1]

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