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Episode 9 : The Number 9 and Stardust Casino Las Vegas
September 04, 2017 Michael Mason Trager

Welcome back to ZorkCast, the podcast that is all about helping you travel smarter, gamble smarter, and maximize your adventures. You have probably noticed the inspiration for the name, “Got Nine Minutes”, but just incase you didn’t, it’s my obsession with baccarat. The best hand you can get in the game of baccarat is a nine or a natural nine and while it won't always win, you will never lose with a natural nine as long as you are betting on the side that gets the natural nine. So, nine is a pretty big deal to me and a pretty important number. In this episode I’m sharing with you my stories and experiences of Stardust Casino in Las Vegas and all my good memories from playing baccarat there back in the day, before it closed down. 

Key Points From This Episode:

• The significance of a nine in the game of baccarat.

• The amazing Stardust sign.

• Vital Vegas providing the best and most timely scoop of Las Vegas.

• Reasons Stardust Casino turned Michael onto Vegas.

• The baccarat room at Stardust.

• Shirley, the first female to become a baccarat dealer in Las Vegas.

• Match-play coupons.

• Stardust’s strong customer service component for players.

• Heavy host interaction.

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