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Episode 11 : Hyatt Explorist SUCKS!

September 06, 2017
ZorkCast powered by TravelZork
Episode 11 : Hyatt Explorist SUCKS!
ZorkCast powered by TravelZork
Episode 11 : Hyatt Explorist SUCKS!
Sep 06, 2017
Michael Mason Trager
Show Notes
Welcome back to ZorkCast. On today’s episode we are going to focus on why Hyatt Explorist sucks! Now, that is probably a little bit too harsh but let me explain. The Hyatt Explorist, is a mistier hotel loyalty program, which gives you access to more comforts, rewards and upgrades around the world. You can achieve Explorist status after completing 30 qualifying nights. Hyatt is a good program, but there are aspects that are not so great, or not that great to really change your travel patterns. Tune in to this episode to hear more as we dive into some of the downfalls with the Explorist program, why the real problem with Hyatt loyalty runs a lot deeper, and why you should always take advantage of obtaining hight tier status with the least amount of effort, without getting yourself crazy about it.

Key Points From This Episode:

• Why the Hyatt tier level names will drive anyone crazy.

• How to achieve Hyatt Explorist status.

• Free breakfast and lounge access; a mid-tier status program must-have.

• The benefits of using a status achievement promotional event; is it fair?

• Doing what is best for your wallet and why you shouldn’t believe the hype.

• Taking advantage of achieving a higher loyalty status with less effort.

• The importance of maintaining perspective when it comes to loyalty programs.

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