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Episode 13 : Ask and you shall receive - Hotel Room Upgrades
September 09, 2017 Michael Mason Trager
Today’s episode really is more about focusing on trying to ensure an upgrade before a stay, not necessarily at check-in. One of my favourite travel topics is hotel room upgrades. I just love talking about getting a significant or nifty hotel room upgrade, especially when I’ve paid a relatively low rate for a hotel stay. As we know hotels have a lot of different room categories and you can often upgrade to a higher category without paying the rate for that category initially. Want to find out how to get that hotel room upgrade? Keep listening!

Key Points From This Episode:

• Full service hotel properties and room upgrades.

• Finding the right way to contact the hotel.

• Making it easy for the property to upgrade you.

• What to include in your email.

• When to send a message to a hotel for an upgrade.

• The importance of your message being concise.

• One of the perks of staying loyal to hotel brands.

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