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Episode 14 : Can Comps be Rescinded For No Play?
September 11, 2017 Michael Mason Trager
On today’s episode, we talk about whether comps can be rescinded for no play. This was a topic that recently came up on The Everything Atlantic City Facebook group and since navigating casino comps can be tricky business, I will be tackling it here today. It is totally understandable that many people are worried about the terms and conditions with regard to comps, otherwise known as complimentary casino offers. For those that are not familiar, a comp or in this case, a casino comp marketing offer, is basically free stuff that is given out to entice you to return to a casino property. There is no 100% correct answer anyone can give you on this subject, so today I will be honing-in on the terms and restrictions of comp offers, weighing the risk and reward of these offers and giving you advice on how to best approach comp offers. Take a listen.

Key Points From This Episode:

• Earning a comp offer.

• Terms and restrictions on comp offers.

• Analyzing casino comp offers.

• Redeeming a current offer versus future offers.

• Feeling the pressure from comp offers.

• Redeeming an offer that is not in your name.

• Using a comp with no play.

• Weighing the risk and reward of an offer.

• Double-checking future hotel reservations comps.

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