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Episode 21 : Twitter Makes Life Easier for Travel Inquiries
September 27, 2017 Michael Mason Trager
Today we’re going to talk about how Twitter can make life much easier with travel inquiries. So why is it great to use Twitter for an inquiry into a travel issue? Well, because it’s extremely efficient and you also create a paper trail, albeit a virtual paper trail. However, you have to understand a little bit of how to do it first. Inside today’s episode, I am going to give a broad-stroke on why it can be very, very useful to use Twitter, especially considering that many companies make it rather difficult to send emails or other inquiries or they take a long time for them to respond to your requests. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into how communicating on Twitter works, what you should include in your message, and why it can be much more efficient to use Twitter rather than phone calls.

Key Points From This Episode:

• Understanding the difference between tweeting and direct messaging.

• How to gain access to direct message, or “DM” a company.

• Finding the correct company Twitter account to contact.

• What specific information to provide in your direct message.

• The ratings and responses of different travel companies.

• Avoiding long hold times by using Twitter direct messaging instead.

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