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Episode 23 : Casino Mistakes with Jeff B
October 01, 2017 Michael Mason Trager
Jeff, a casino gaming expert and also the owner of Action Currency. Jeff spends his time pursuing his passions, which include casino adventures, as well as trips that range from outdoor nature hikes to luxury hotel retreats. He is also a major foodie, and his interests span the world of wine, sake, luxury spirits, fine dining and unique dining opportunities throughout The United States. Jeff has also written for TravelZork on currency, wine, and luxury hotels. When not traveling, Jeff educates and supports collectors in the banknote world at Action Currency. Today on the show Jeff is going to talk a bit about casino mistakes, controlling your body language at a table, and the legendary Sic Bo story.

Key Points From This Episode:

• Different types of casino mistakes that are made.

• Why Jeff first started exploring the idea of casino mistakes.

• Mistakes made at the opening of Greektown Casino in Detroit.

• The importance of focusing on your own game and not exposing others.

• The Sic Bo story; when Vegas descended upon the Biloxi.

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