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Episode 26 Booking Mistake ("deal") Fares - Part 2
October 11, 2017 Michael Mason Trager
On today’s episode, we’re tackling Part II of Booking Deal Fares, otherwise sometimes referred to as “error” or “mistake fares.” In Part I, we went into a little bit of an overview as well as some nitty-gritty insights into these fare deals and how to hunt for the best potential deals. Now, in Part II, we are going to be looking at what are the best steps to take after you find a deal? What can you do to book these fares smartly, efficiently and ensure that you don’t come out on the other end, losing money? If you have ever had a fare deal get cancelled and had to pay a big price for it, then this episode is for you. We will be discussing why you should steer clear of nonrefundable reservations, why there is no value on putting a booking on hold and ultimately, why booking travels is a skill, and also a gamble. Take a listen for some helpful tips that might just save you time, money and future trip disappointment!

Key Points From This Episode:

• Finding deal fare dates that work.

• Using a mobile versus a laptop for bookings.

• Why there is no value in putting a booking on hold.

• Knowing airline cancellation policies beforehand.

• Why you should stay away from nonrefundable reservations.

• The importance of documentation.

• Choosing smart payment methods.

• The benefits of planning a trip right away.

• Why patience is virtue when it comes to fare deals.

• Why booking fare deals is just like gambling.

• Learning what leverage you have.

• Understanding that booking travels is a skill.

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