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Episode 31 Guest Eric Rosenthal talking London Casinos - Playboy Casino and Empire Punto Banco - Part 3
October 28, 2017 Michael Mason Trager
Welcome to the longest ever ZorkCast episode! This is our third and final segment of the London Casino scene and today (or should we say the wee hours of this morning), Eric and I share our night out at the London Playboy Casino with you, from my flat at 4:48 AM. Our evening started off with a guided tour from Bunny Jenny and ended with another successful Baccarat (Punto Banco) game in The Dragon Room at Empire Casino. From food, to service, to Playboy memorabilia, to décor – here we give our overall impressions of The Playboy Casino. We also share some helpful tips playing Punto Banco, the Red 8 bonus and playing the skip tie; coming to the conclusion that even if you don’t love the casino’s in Europe, you sure will love the coffee! An entertaining episode, so take a listen.

Key Points From This Episode:

• General impressions from our tour with Bunny Jenny.

• Playboy memorabilia and Eric’s teenage nostalgia.

• A review on food, general service and smoking areas.

• No low limit squeeze game at the Playboy punto banco table.

• Learn more about the Playboy Total Rewards Card.

• Playing baccarat in The Dragon Room at Empire Casino.

• The banker bet and the Red 8 bonus.

• Why you don’t mess with the coffee in Europe.

• The power of playing the skip tie.

• And much more!

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