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Episode 33 In Honour of My Mom Who Disliked Travel — On the 31st of October
October 31, 2017 Michael Mason Trager
Today’s episode is one of those rare times when I get personal. I love to share my stories, but I seldom share very much that involves my family, mostly because I try to be a little bit private about my life in some ways. Today is the 31st of October, which is Halloween, and it is also my mother’s birthday. It has been over five years since her unexpected death, and I always reflect and think about my mother a few times throughout every week, and I reflect about her on her birthday. The loss of my mother had a significant impact on my day, and that’s something that’s very difficult to get over, and I think it’s something I will probably never get over in my entire life. But, it’s made me appreciate so many of the wonderful things in my life. So inside this episode, I share some of my fondest memories with my mother and the importance of cherishing life and all the experiences you get to have along the way.

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