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Episode 34 Hilton Honors Loyalty Program Quick Talk
November 14, 2017 Michael Mason Trager
I’ve been encouraging folks in the ZorkCast Facebook group to give me topics that they would like to hear about. Somebody recently asked about my experiences with the Hilton Honors Program, and so in this episode, we will be covering this topic. Today, I’m going to be giving a general overview of the Hilton Honors Loyalty Program. We’ll be covering different the status levels, the added benefits of being a Hilton Elite Member, suite upgrades and even Hilton’s convenient new check-in application. Just like every hotel loyalty program, there’s quite a bit to discuss, and so we’ll probably do some more episodes in the future about Hilton Honors, but for today, I’ll tell you about my experiences with Hilton in the US and Europe and the perks of both. If you’re on the fence about becoming a Hilton Gold member, this episode might just help you decide.

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